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Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course with Specialization in Teaching English by American TESOL Institute is a professional course for teachers who are eager to teach in the preschool and primary level. This comprehensive course deals with the details of teaching young learners in the age group of 2 -12. The course deals with various methodologies involving teaching preschoolers. Numerous methodologies like Montessori, Froebel, Piaget and Regio – Emilia are included in the course to give teachers ideas about all the methodologies used to teach in a preschool. The preschool and primary school level is considered as the developmental stage of children where his physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs are quite high. Teachers dealing students of these stages should be aware of educational psychology to help them deal with the classroom scenario. As the teacher training course by us includes a special section on teaching English, our teachers are a step ahead of others.

The Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course is offered for just Rs 10,000 or 225 USD. The duration of the course is 6- 8 months but if the candidate is unable to complete the course within the stipulated time we can give the candidates some extra time. There are two modes in which the teachers can do the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers’ Training Course, Online and Distance.

For the Online mode of learning, the candidates are given access to our online software with a unique username and password generated for each candidate. After going through the course material and watching the videos, the candidates have to answer a set of assignments. The assignments have to be sent to our online tutor assigned to the candidates, which will be evaluated and sent back to the candidate with a grade. On successful completion of the course, the certificate with the mark sheet is sent back to the candidate.

In the Distance mode, the teachers will be sent course materials by post at their preferred address. The candidates can send their assignments by post of through mail. Assistance will be given to the candidates through telephone, mail or chat. The assignments will be checked and send back to the candidates by post or courier.

In both, Online and Distance Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course there is a section, where the teachers have to go for teaching practice in their local schools. The teachers would have to teach in local schools for two classes. Though it is not mandatory, it is highly advised that the candidate does the teaching practice as it would give them a vivid idea about real classroom situation.

Course Fees

1.     The course is offered in two modes - Online Course fees is Rs.12000 /240 USD and Distance Course Fees is Rs.14000/280 USD. You will be given access to the course upon full payment of the course fee.

2.     We will also dispatch your certificate free of cost to you if you reside in India. Even if you live abroad, you will be required to pay only $25 as shipping charges.

3.     Tutor’s assistance, course material, video support, phone calls and assignment evaluation all are included in the course fee.

Why Teacher Training Course from ATI

  1. It is offered in an Online or Distance Learning Mode, so if you are in Hyderabad or anywhere else in the world, you can do this course easily from your home.
  2. The candidates will be given assistance by our tutors through mails, phone or chat.
  3. The course is assignment and project based. An optional teaching practice session is included in the course for the candidates to get an exposure.
  4. The best feature of Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course, is that the teachers after the course can teach in the preschool and primary school level.
  5. After successful completion of the course, the candidates will be handed over a grade sheet along with the certificate.

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I feel every aspect of the course is useful for me. The trainers of the institute are very excellent. I am fully satisfied with the support of the trainer and guidance. I feel you should provide the centre of the institute in every state and district of India so that many teachers will have an opportunity to get admission for this course . I will definitely recommend this course to my friends who are teachers.


All the aspects of the course were effective in some way or the other. I have learnt a lot from this course. I was lucky to have Sangita as a trainer. Her help has made me complete my course successfully. I want to thank her for all her help. The trainers gave me comprehensive feedback. I would recommend this course to my friends.

Hyderabad Teachers Training

Hyderabad once a city of the Nizam’s is now a one of the most prominent cities of Southern India. Hyderabad is well known from multiple educational institutes catering to higher studies of both. There are institutes like Indian School of Business, English and Foreign Languages University, IIT and many more. This city is not just famous for the higher education facility; there are numerous good preschools and primary schools all over the city. The primary schools of Hyderabad are affiliated under CBSE, SSC or ICSE board. The medium of instruction in most of the schools is Hyderabad in Hindi, Urdu or English.

As there are numerous schools in Hyderabad, demand of teachers are quite high. After Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training course, the teachers are absorbed in the schools where they can earn anything between Rs5000 to Rs 40000. The teachers of Hyderabad can also get lucrative teaching jobs in the neighboring cities like Secunderabad, Bidar, Karimnagar and Warrangal.

A list of few good schools in Hyderabad
• International School of Hyderabad
• Little Flower High School
• St Paul’s School
• Glen Academy
• Delhi Public School
• T.I.M.E School
• Rockwell International School

Good preschools in Hyderabad
• Sunshine Preschool
• KinderKare Playschool
• Echoes Preschool
• Hi Kids

Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course – Curriculum
To explain in a very simple way the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course with Specialization in Teaching English can be divided into two parts. One part is totally dedicated to the Preschool methodologies and the other deals with the techniques to teach students at primary level. The other most important part of our teachers training program is that we give emphasis on teaching English as second language. As TESOL is our trade mark product, and ATI specializes in training teachers to teach English as second language, this part gets special emphasis.

Online Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course Syllabus:
Phase 1 – Course Objectives
Phase 2 - Characteristics of Young Learners
Phase 3 - Principles and Approaches
Phase 4 - Language
Phase 5 - Classroom Management
Phase 6 - Instructive Strategies
Phase 7 - Resource Management
Phase 8 – Evaluation
Phase 9 -Diploma Module

Distance Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course Syllabus:

Module 1
Unit 1 Educational Psychology
Unit 2 – Characteristics Of Y.L
Unit 3 – Principles and Approaches

Unit 1 Language
Unit 2 Instructional Strategies

Module 3
Unit 1 Resource management
Unit 2 Evaluation
Unit 3 Classroom management

Module 4(optional)
Teaching Practice Sessions – Pre-school
Teaching Practice Sessions – Primary School

Accreditation, Recognition and Endorsement
The Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course with Specialization is accredited by various reputed academic organizations. ATI is a proud member of two Montessori organizations, International Montessori Society and the Montessori Foundation. The other reputed International institute with which American TESOL Institute is associated is ‘
London Teacher Training College’, ‘All India Association for Educations Research’ and ‘International Association for Distance Learning’.

The other most important aspect which determines the authenticity of the Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course is that ATI Training Company is a ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. Thus, for us ‘quality’ is the most important thing.

Our Partner in Hyderabad

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